Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental Crown Procedure

Custom Dental Crowns by Dentistry at Simpsonville

Dental crowns are an excellent choice for patients who have some common dental problems and are looking for a permanent solution to improve their smile and dental health.

Crowns are the visible element of a more complex dental procedure such as a dental implants and to lock dental bridges in place.  Dental crowns are also the preferred solution to common issues such as a broken or worn down tooth, mis-shappen or discolored appearance, and even the ultimate solution for a tooth that has been severely weakened by cavities or repeated procedures.

Oral hygiene and proper care is still critical to a porcelain dental crown and with the right care can last well over 10 years.  While the lifespan of a porcelain crown is impressive, it is not a permanent solution. This is where the all ceramic crown becomes the ideal choice for dental patients.

Should I Get a Ceramic Crown?

At Dentistry at Simpsonville, we utilize 100% ceramic dental crowns. Metal is highly noticeable and leads to cosmetic imperfections. By contrast, all ceramic crowns use porcelain, an alternative to metal that can be matched exactly to the color, size, and shape of your adjacent natural teeth, providing a smile that is as beautiful as it is strong.

What Is the Dental Crown Process?

Typcailly you can expect at least two visits to complete your dental crown procedure.  However the Dr. Mark McCoy at Dentistry at Simpsonville uses the CEREC procedure which allows for custom ceramic crowns to be created in-office while you wait. The procedure is quick and pain free.

  1. Using state-of-the-art technology we create a 3D model of your mouth to ensure a perfect fit for your new crown.
  2. A color match is preformed on the adjacent teeth to ensure your new ceramic crown is the perfect color and looks natural.
  3. While your new crown is being created in our CEREC system, Dr. McCoy will clean and prep the area for installation.
  4. In only about 45 minutes your new custom dental crown will be completed and ready to rejuvenate your smile
  5. Placing the crown only takes minutes  and after minor fitting it will be permanently set in place, giving you a lifetime of healthy smiles!

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